Spotify teaming up with Yahoo!

Daniel Ek (Probably my favorite person ever) creator of Spotify tweeted that he is excited to start to work with Ross Levinsohn the interim CEO of Yahoo!

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Spotify listens reset on Facebook?

Today I wanted to check out some of my most listened to songs on Spotify by checking my Facebook profile. It turns out I have only listened to Only 127 songs, but it shows I’ve listened to 1 songs about double that. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? I’ve check a couple of other friends who I know have been using it and it seems it as effected them also.

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Spotify grows from Facebook to the whole Internet

Spotify is becoming one of the biggest applications on the internet. It is a powerhouse music streaming service that hosts 3 million users in the US alone with about 600,000 monthly paying members. Up until now Spotify has mostly held it’s ground on Facebook where you could click on a song in Facebook and play through it. Spotify has released a stand alone widget for uses on blogs and websites.

If you have Spotify downloaded on your computer you will be able to click on the Widget which will open up a mini Spotify and play they songs for you, but why am I telling you this when I can just show you it, here is an example of a House/Trance playlist I made up:

As you can see, it is pretty simple and a neat new feature! Directions can be found on Spotify’s Developer Site. Start using it on your site and start sharing music with everyone!


(Edit) Seems like it isn’t Cooperating and you must click on the link to get to the playlist, I’m not really sure why, but I’ll try and figure it out for you guys!


Source: CBS News

Spotify really likes music!

Streaming giant Spotify really loves their music. So much so that they are turning their new Facebook timeline into a timeline of music history. They go all the way back to the 1000’s as of right now, and have the births of big artists, when instruements where created, and pretty much everything else! If you wanna check it out just go to their Facebook page here: Spotify

Spotify Review

Listening to music these days have always been filled with hoops to jump through. You can buy songs individually from a service, like iTunes or Amazon. But this limits your ability to find new music, since you’ll probably only get a 30 second review. You could always go with Zune’s Pass, which required a fee of $9.99 a month, but sadly Zune’s catalog isn’t as vast as previously mentioned. Originally you could have used a site such as YouTube to listen to and find new music, until it got littered with ads, that made doing that near impossible.

On July 14th, 2011 Spotify launched in the United States and has forever changed the way I listen to music. You start Spotify up, and you are greeted with a normal looking music software, just long lists of music. You have to opportunity to make pretty much a unlimited amount of playlists, ranging from Stand Up comedy to Classical music, Spotify has it all.

It is difficult to remember that Spotify is streaming all of this music, it feels like it loads instantly, with relatively no lag or load time what so ever.
Spotify makes it incredibly easy to share music with your friends. You have to chance to connect your Spotify and your Facebook account, so everything your friends are listening to is scrolling down the right side of the software. All you have to do to send a song is right click, share, (persons name), and like magic, it’s sent. Apps on Spotify are good, and are growing, Top10 is one in particular that stands out to me. You can make your top ten list of anything, and compare them with the rest of the listing world, seeing which songs from artists are the best! Other notable apps are BillBoard Top Charts, Soundrop, TuneWiki, Last.FM, We are Hunted, and Rolling Stones.

But no music streaming service is without its flaws. Spotify has ads, audio commercials that play about every 7-10 songs, usually 2 at a time. Then ads on the screen, usually in the bottom or the right side of the screen. Sometimes an ad will appear right smack dab in the middle of the screen,  but they are easy enough to get rid of just by clicking into the software.

Of course you have the opportunity to rid of these pesky ads, you could play the $5.00 a month for Spotify Unlimited for no ads, and take your music abroad for as long as you want. Spotify Premium for $9.99 a month allows for Spotify on your mobile device (iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Palm, and Blackberry). It also eliminates ads, has an offline mode, for PC and Mobile, enhanced sound quality, and ability to play through music systems.
Overall, Spotify is the best music streaming service I have ever used, it allows for easy music finding, easy music sharing, and very easy listening. If you haven’t used it yet, you owe it to yourself to get this and stream away!

See if your phone has the Spotify app!

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Elite Rating: 9/10

-Great, wide Selection
-Fast Streaming
-Incredibly easy to share music