Song Search appears on Android

Jelly Bean's Sound Search feature now available rootfree on ICS

Everyone has used Shazam or Soundhound to find out what the great song on the radio is. But now Google is wanting you to not use those and use their own.

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Google I/O 2012: Keynote, Day 1 Recap

Hugo Barra: “Last year we said we crossed the 100m mark in devices. I’m thrilled to announce our latest milestone:400m Android devices.”

That is a amazing feat. A 400% increase from Google I/O 2011. Great job Google.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be coming in July OTA for ICS compatible devices. It will come with Project Butter UI, Google Now, and richer notifications. Continue reading

Kindle Fire Metro Edition

On Episode 87 of The Android Realm Podcast, I explained how to get GoLauncher running on your Kindle Fire to make it a “proper” Android tablet without rooting, ROMing or any of the other potentially risky methods of getting Android proper running on your Kindle. This post is an update on how to get Launcher7 running on your Kindle to make it look like Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 with the Metro interface.

Kindle Fire running a Metro Interface

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Google selling Galaxy Nexus no contract

Google is now selling their popular Galaxy Nexus device, no contract straight through themselves. It comes completely unlocked and will work on pretty much every provider including AT&T, T-Mobile and others. It will come pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest update, and has the Android Marketplace, which holds as  many apps as you can think.  Continue reading

Samsung ups the Tab 10.1 to Quad Core

Samsung was going to initially release the Tab 10.1 as a dual core but as of today they have decided to release it as a Quad Core and some more testing, so a later release date of course. Of course this is going to be a much powerful version of the Tab 10.1 that will be easier for Samsung to push out to customers.

This new version of the Tab 10.1 will be released in June, we will be waiting!

Source: YouMobile