About Us

Elite News is a website that delivers Microsoft, Apple, and Google news.

History of Elite News

Elite News was originally founded on Facebook as a result of the device line of Zune coming to an end. Originally, the team that you know and love ran a Facebook page with the colorful name of I Don’t Give A Damn My Zune Is Clearly Better Than That…Thing. The sole intent of the Zune page being to deliver the fans the news they want. When Microsoft announced that they would no longer create new Zune devices, our page took a bullet. On December 17, 2011 the Facebook page for Elite was officially founded, it was announced that we were going to deliver Microsoft, Apple, and Google news, or news from all sides of the battlefield.  The Elite website was officially started on November 21, 2011, and the first time we delivered news was on March 20, 2012.

The Elite Team


Cole                Administrator, Manager

Cole is the manager and co-owner Elite News. He spends most of his time managing the site, writing articles, and communicating with users. Cole is the host of the Elite Podcast and oversees the Elite News on Twitter.
Cole should be consulted for:

  • Website or company ideas
  • Technical support
  • Podcast inquiries

You can contact Cole on Twitter, on our Facebook page, and here


Nick                      Senior Writer

Nick loves technology, especially in the area of design. He loves checking out new products to see what the best companies in the world can offer us users and is astounded with what they come up with. He specialty is writing up reviews for new hardware. In his free time Nick loves to play video games, ride his bike, and especially go golfing.


Neil a.k.a Headphones                        Android Junkie

Neil loves tinkering. Any device he gets his hands on will be customized then customized some more. He brings new definition to tailor game. He likes taking any device, learning how to maximize its use then tinkering to get even more out of it wherever possible. He currently hosts The Android Realm Podcast which covers the week in Android news and whatever he’s watching or reading on his Kindle Fire.


This section will be updated in the future, if you would like to join the Elite team and be a part of this section go here


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