Sportiiiis HUD display Review

4iiii Sportiiiis Review
The hardest thing to learn about running or biking is being able to keep at a good pace. If you can’t keep at a good pace you will burn out quickly or you will need to run/bike forever for it to be a workout. This is always a challenge because it takes lots of time and practice to figure out what your heart rate should feel like, and even more difficult sticking to this once you are going.

The best way to keep up on your rate was to have a watch, that would show what it was at that time, but looking at a watch and running can be very difficult. Another option is to get an app for your smartphone and connect it to a device. But that is even more difficult because you’d have to take the phone out of your pocket, unlock it and check what it is. If you are in a race or a marathon you might not be able to sacrifice those crucial seconds which add up and are tough to come back from.

But now 4iiii Visual Institutions has created the Sportiiiis which eliminates all of these problems with a cool new heads up display that connects to virtually any pair of glasses.

The design of the Sportiiiis is great, it is incredibly functional while also being able to fit to any pair of glasses, on either side. There is a “boom” coming off of the main component, this boom holds the 7 LED lights, which you can change brightness and the blink rate. There is a button on the bottom which can be used to switch between the different kinds of Sensors, speed, heart rate, power, or cadence, it can be used to tell you your exact heart rate through the speaker. The design of the Sportiiiis does exactly what it should, and follows form and function, with a great look and also working as good as it can.

Specs (Directly from the Sportiiiis site)

Unit dimensions, LxWxH: 12.7 x 1.5 x 2 cm
Weight: <10g
Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life: 9 hours, typical
Battery charge time: 75 minutes (fully discharged)
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C

The product has a fantastic battery life, lasting 9 hours, but I have gotten more out of it I’m sure. It will obviously working in pretty much any temperature, and weighs practically nothing. after a while you won’t even notice that it is hanging on your glasses.

The Sportiiiis software is built specifically for the product, and it allows you to change virtually anything about the product.

This is an example of one of the setups I have, which allows me to run further because I can keep my heart rate at a low number. The 7 LED’s on the device directly correlate with these colors, so if your heart rate is at around 145 it will show in the middle a yellow light, so I know that my heart rate is at my target. But if you want to push at a certain time it will show you when you have by moving up to the next light.
You can also save multiple profiles and runs on the software to put on the device and choose on the run. So if you want to have a set up for a short but intense workout, you can change your target rate to a higher target.
You also have different setups between running and bike stuff, sadly I don’t have the bike sensor, but when I get it you’ll know for sure I’ll write about it, because it looks like maybe the most fun to use!

Working out is an age old activity, people have been running forever, and it hasn’t really changed. But the Sportiiiis is as close to being one of the biggest changes in the sport we have seen. It is a great looking product that works incredibly well, in all kinds of situations. It allows for different kinds of sensors to be used to account for Heart Rate, Cadence, Power, Speed, Pace, and any kind of ANT+ compatible data.
And above all of this it is the safest way to record this data, which  may be what the Sportiiiis does best. If you’re running in a forest, or riding a bike on a busy road, or in a mountain area, where your feet from falling, it is incredibly dangerous to look at a phone, or even a watch to check your heart rate or pace.
It has helped me so much with being able to control my heart rate for better longer workouts that are more steady, and I think 4iiii really hit the nail on the head on this one.

Wrap up
The Sportiiiis is really one of the most innovative products to come for a sport that hasn’t innovated much in it’s history. One of the problems if the Sportiiiis is a little on the expensive side, starting out at $150, and each of the 3 accessories priced at $60. But once you use this product is going to be tough going back to working out riding a bike or running without one. It will really help your workout more then you can imagine, so give it a shot when you can!


Design: 9/10

Usage: 10/10

Software: 8/10

Battery Life: 10/10

Performance: 9/10

Display: 10/10


Overall: 9.5/10

Get one now!


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