Spotify teaming up with Yahoo!

Daniel Ek (Probably my favorite person ever) creator of Spotify tweeted that he is excited to start to work with Ross Levinsohn the interim CEO of Yahoo!

Spotify has really grown, it Ek also announced that they are teaming up with Coca-Cola, McDonalds, At&T and Intel.

Ek had this to say about Spotify: “At Spotify we want to light up the Web with music and as Yahoo!’s global music partner we’re able to reach their massive audience. We are really excited about the new Yahoo! leadership team and thrilled to partner with them to build greatexperiences around high quality content.”

The release is just to bring more viewers (or listeners) to each company. And it will, Yahoo! has a huge user base that will bring users to Spotify, and if Yahoo makes switching to them easier for Spotify users it will bring man users to them.

It looks like a great deal, and I can’t wait to see what each company brings to the other.


What are your thoughts?

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