Nintendo E3 Wrap Up

Shigeru Miyamoto comes on stage here at Nintendo’s 2012 E3 Conference

Pinkman are taking over the audience!

Miyamoto calla Bill Trinen, Nintedno Director of Product Management

Wii U will  “complete entertainment device central to the living room.”

They knew they didn’t want a TV to actually play games

They created the controller to not have to play games directy on the TV

“You can quickly turn on a game”

Pikman 3 is now announced

You can manage swarms of up to 100 pikman at 1 time.

The enhanced revolution of the Wii U helps the camera to work better.

Pikman can use any kind of material to make bridges

Wii Motion plus allows you to more pspecificaly control then

The gamepad has an overall map.

You can move the pikam easier using the gamepad, by tapping on screen

You can play the whole game on the gamepad also.

There are up to 4 leaders in the game

Original Pikman character isn’t in the game, it is a secret

Pikman is of course on the floor.

You can watch a replay of your match, just like StarCraft!

It is a totally new Pikman game, with new better looking pikman because of enhanced graphics and better gameplay and controls

Here comes Reggie Fils-Aime

We started off at the top, showing a new game, “It is all about the games”

We will see 23 Wii U Titles on stage today, it is a small part that are actually play able this week.

“At its core, Wii U does three different things. It changes your gaming. It changes how you interact with gaming friends. And it changes the way you enjoy your TV.”

It revolutionizes the living room.

“Does that mean Netflix and Hulu? Yes. And YouTube? Yes. And Amazon Video? Of course.”

They are only going to focus on gaming and connecting with friend. How it will integrate and elevate

They really are trying to embrace social media.

Just like the Original NES, it the Wii U will support 2 Wii GamePads

look for dual playing gamepad on the Wii U

“Right now, we’d like to make a proper introduction to the Wii U GamePad itself.”

A video is shown showing how the Wii U Game pad works

“Now, le’s take a look at where those experiences begin.”

miiVerse is the screen that shows when the Wii U Boots up.

Mii’s that you know and have played with will appear on the screen cuddled around “billboards” of games.

Miis will shows games that are trending globally, so even games that you don’t own will show up.

Text bubbles will be used to send text and pictures from player to player.

miiVerse will run on 3Ds, PC, and mobile devices.

But you have to have a Mario when the console gets released.

In New Super Mario brothers U

You can connect right in the game, and talk about hidden areas, help in levels or hidden jumps.

These texts and pop ups open up as you are playing.

A video shows of new Super Mario Brothers U

It can be played of course, just on the gamepad.

It can be played in Speed run with 3 other players.

The Wii U will have great games from Nintendo

But, 3rd party titles will be big.

Batman Arkham City Video is showing

Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Brothers

The Wii U will get a special edition. The Armored Edition

“It’s a wonderful time in the state of the industry to have an exciting new platform and it is our pleasure to work with Nintendo so closely on the launch of the Wii U.”

The Batman Arkham series is one of the most important series in Warner Brothers entertainment.

“Today we are unveiling Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition a must-have unique experience on the Wii U.”

Game Director from Rocksteady is commentating on screen about Wii.

Will Schneider, from Ubisoft Montreal is here to give a glimpse of batman arkham city, armored edition.

the BAT mode

When bat man his BAT mode he gets even stronger.

You can use the batarrang and shoot is precisly with the gamepad.

Can use the gamepad to set off the exploses you have places with the gamepad.

All of the game menus can be used and navigated via the gamepad.

“Another of our key franchises is Scribblenauts, which appeals to all audiences, that’s proven by the over 4 million units sold worldwide.

Jeremiah Slaczka is on stage talking about Scribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U,

Jeremiah Slaczka

“This game has unlimited possibilities for players to explore, create, and share.”

The video is now being shown

The levels are bigger, and now in of course, HD

create anything, and bring it to life. Once created, you can share with your friends!

You can use multiple gamepads for a new multiplayer mode.

“Imagine anything, explore anything”

We are seeing another video of multiples games

Trine 2 will also be on the Wii U, Director’s Cut

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge

Reggie talking about Wii Fit, and his presentation from 2 years ago.

43 million copies of Wii Fit has been sold.

Wii Fit U will deliver new actions, and leave you sweatier.

Looks like the Wii fit board and gamepad are working together for a more in depth experience.

He keeps using the gamepad while she watches TV

“Over the past several years, game designers mined a rich new bed of content based on music and the universal appeal of performing music.”

Sing is a new type of singing game, obviously. The gamepad will have the lyrics. Girl is singing Call me Maybe.

These people are having loads of fun singing and dancing.

Reggie starts to talk about 3DS deoesn’t want to let the millions of owners down.

Scott Moffitt, the vice president of sales and marketing from Nintendo is on stage ready to talk about 3DS.

Tomorrow at 6:00 PM Scott is going to have an hour long conference just on 3DS.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun here.”

There are new first party games to be shown. Right now Super Mario brothers 2.

The game has a huge amount of gold.

It will be available august 19th.

Paper Mario showed Mario as a totally different character.

the games still look 2D but you can connect stickers and use them as attacks, a hammer sticker can be used as a hammer.

this paper mario sticker star arrives this holiday season.

Nintendo doesn’t have enough Luigi, but it is about to get more.

Luigi’s mansion is going to be a new ghost hunter game on the 3ds.

He will have to travel through multiples haunted mansions.

He cannot start to talk about the fantastic 3rd party games coming to the 3DS.

And a quick teaser is about to show some of them

Disney’s Epic Mickey is making a showing on 3DS

Scribble Nauts unlimited, maybe cross platform?

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Lego City is going to be an open city, crime fighter.

The map and police dispathc is on the gamepad.

You can san in game environments to find a robber.

The gameplay looks increbidly fun!

And a version is being worked on for the 3DS, called lego city underworld.

“Our goal with Wii U this year, as it as with the Wii six years ago, is to provide new and engrossing game experiences for every type player. From the hardest of the hardcore to the newest of newbies.”

no company has done such a good job with this as ubisoft. Yves Guillemot on on stage talking about the Wii U.

He is just listing some things about why the Wii U is so special to Ubisoft.

Some of the biggest and best games coming to the wii U from Ubisoft.

“It’s accessible. It’s social. It’s very innovative. It is a revolution.”

Xavier Poix, Ubisoft’s Managing Director is here to show off Just Dance 4.

The gameplay looks just like the old Just Dance games, of course with updated graphics and game play. Reggie is on the gamepad seemingly collecting extra points.

He was actually playing the new “Pupper Master” mode.

Zombi U

In this game one bite an your done.

Inventory and map appear on the gamepad, allowing you to see inventory withut stopping flow of the game.

Player is seen hacking while still being chased by zombies.

It is looking to be one of the best zombie games out there.

Reggie has been Zombiefied!

Assassins Creed 3 coming to the Wii U.

Your shape eveolved, a popular fitness game is coming to the Wii U.

And Ubisoft, sports connection

And, of course the new Marvel game!

Welcome to NintendoLand!

“All of the classic nintendo franchises”

Wii sports was initial appeal it was fun immediatly.

NintendoLand is what will teach people use the GamePad

Animal Crossing, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort  producer Katsuya Eguchi is taking the stage.

They want to turn the popular titles into a themepark.

your mii will dress up in what the  park you are in.

They will have 12 attractions and all will be shown at E3.

Will be a game where you throw ninja stars at objects.

they want  it to be veyr fun if you are playing by yourself and multiplayer.

miiverse will make this multiplayer happen.

Tonght at the roundtable people will be ableto see what it is going to do indepth.

If a person in a gamepad joins the group with people playing on wiimotes.

asymmetric game play will make this fair.

They are going to show a demo of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

“This attraction, much like in a horror film, features a stronger ghost chasing a group of weaker players who must work together, or else.”

The gamepad ghost can see all of the players, the player on the gamepad is the ghost, but the people on the screen cannot see the maps.

But when the ghost gets close to them their motes rumble and they have shine their lights on the ghost to kill him.

You can revive players by shining your light on them

But you have batteries on your light, and you can run out. If your trying to revive someone you lose battery.

It is a strong teams based game, causing all of the players on the wii mote have to work together.

Luigi’s Ghost mansion looks like fun! Can’t wait to try it out.

they are now showing a NintendoLand Video

There is a circular park with all kinds of logos, yoshi’s egg, triforce, and all of these:

NintendoLand will launch with the WiiU Hardware this Holiday.

“Just as with Wii, start playing Nintendoland and you start understanding Wii U.”

Nintendo’s Website will have videos, and demo’s showing the new gameplay of the gamepad and the Wii U.

The Wii U will bring families together.

Together. Better. is the tagline for Wii U

One last video showing NinendoLand

And that’s it!

All of the big conference’s are now done, and it is going to be time to digest all of this info.

Pictures from: The Verge


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