Airtime, and new venture from Sean Parker

Sean Parker is arguably one of the most important people in the history of the internet.

He founded Napster when he was just a teen, and of course had a huge role in the creation of Facebook, he also helped Spotify grow to what it is today.

And now he is making something new Airtime.

Parker came out a little bit ago calling Facebook, boring it needed some spice, and who better to add that them himself.

So he made Airtime to help us meet  new people, especially people who are like us and have stuff to talk about. And that’s what airtime is about, it is a replacement for Chat Roulette, which was an exciting new idea but burned out fast, because of nudity.

By connecting your Airtime account to Facebook, and making it very very easy to report people. I can only assume that they are going to take it very seriously since it has the money and backing of Parker.

The UI is fresh and is constantly poping things into your face that you and this person have in common, and it is nice I was on for a while and only met great people and had no trouble with nudity.

Check it out yourself!

Airtime Link

Once the finished product is out expect a full review!


What are your thoughts?

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