Ubisoft E3 2012 Wrap Up

Just Dance

We got chicks dancing stage to some music that keeps changing.

Flo Rida comes out, and is singing his new hit Good Feeling!

He is trying to get the crowd with no emotion to actually do something, he must not know gamers.

Lana from Archer is out on stage talking to Flo Rida why Just Dance is great,  he likes to get people up off the couch.

New games for 2012 and beyond!

Toby Turner is backstage answering to the internet folk.

“Life is the Fuel that Powers the Game”

Far Cry 3

Dan Hay is on stage introduced a video about Voss.

Video starts with a topless chick hanging around you.

The player is out to take down Voss.

Nice stealth action with the character takeing down from guys on a pier from the water.

The bow and arrow usage is fantastic, can be used to as a hook.

The player is now is a room that lights on fire, some creep is talking. Who knows who this loser is.

Gameplay looks great but not really different from the other FPS I’ve been seeing today.

The destruction of buildings and barricades is very good.

There are lots of Tigers!!!!! Many tigers in the bathroom.

Player is pissed at Voss,  like, really pissed. Voss comes out of the closet, and stab\s the player with some Diablo 3 looking weapon., and send the character into some kind of strange lucid dream.

I’m not really sure what is up with TV’s in this video. Voss is a very strange dude.

Video ends.

No Release date announced, just coming soon.

There is an entire archapilago of island to explore in Far Cry 3, The Video shows a vast array of scenes and places to check out.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Blacklist is the newest, biggest splinter cell game to be released.

The guys from Montreal brought a new release trailer.

3rd Echelon is being shut down……. or is it?

Sam Fisher is wrecking everyone, no surprise here.

The Avengers

There is a video being shown of a new Marvel game, showing Spiderman. Also Wolverine and Venom fighting, and then the guys from the Avengers, not much information here.

Releases Fall 2012 on Xbox, and Wii U!!!!

Rayman Wii U

Lana talks about how they are going to start to bring up Wii U games, by talking about bringing an old classic to the Wii U.

So Of course, Rayman.

There is a new Character, Murphy. He helps rayman by slicing leafs and such for rayman to get passed. And since it is using the Wii U gampad, he can move anywhere and do all kinds of attacks.

can play with 5 people, and use the old wii remotes, and the new Pro Controller!

Gameplay is just like Rayman Origins, and is awefully pretty on the Wii U.

There is a new map they are showing off, it seems like a straight running and avoiding obstacles, kinda like Bit Trip Rayman.

Lana is teasing us with an M rated zombie apocalypse shooter, for Wii U.

Taking place in Britian, this video is showing people turning into Zombies, it is pretty awesome.

This is looking like one of the most mature games that a nintendo console will see.

Zombi U, exclusively for Wii U. It looks like a huge hit, and I can’t wait for it!

Happy to know Ubisoft is bringing serious stuff to Wii U.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved, coming out 2013.

Sports Connection showing, golf and a go cart game.

Assassins Creed 3 coming out on Wii U.

Assassins Creed 3

Taking us back to our American Roots, Assassins Creed 3 is the newest of the very popular game series.

A totally epic video of a bald eagle flying through the air like a boss just evolved to the Ezio of the American Revolution getting on a horse and killing like 30 Brits. This unknown patriot is causing a load of disturbance to the British and helps the American’s make a charge. He kills the general of the British Army and impresses, Mr. George Washington himself.

It’s kinda weird to see such a good representation of George Washignton.

Francois Pellard is on the Stage  telling us that the new character is Connor, Lafayette, Ben Franklin and George Washington have vital roles in the games.

And another video starts, this time in a snowy area.. This is gamplay!

Connor is jumping around in tress, kinda like a squirrel. takes out a bow and shoots a deer.

And a wolf obviously is not happy with him doing this, but connor is an assassin and takes it out.

This attracts a pack of wolves, and he of course, kills them all.

He is now in a camp, and is getting all kinds of requests.

He is of course here to kill a Templar, that hasn’t changed.

Connor climbing more trees, like a boss.

And takes out like 40 brits like a boss.

He jumps off of a branch and takes another guy out from the sky.

Now scaling up the side of a mountain, gameplay looks like the same climbing that we’ve seen in the whole series.

He is now in a british Camp and has to assassinate someone specific. He does this, and it is totally epic.

I want and need this game.

Francois says that the main enemies are still the Templars, another video is shown and it has Connor in all kinds of environments from snowy areas to lush farms. This game is huge!

Now they are talking about eSports, Toby claims “As we all know, esports are better than the other ones because you don’t have to go outside to play them.”

Shootmania is a new game ment for eSports. If Toby beats Lana in Shootmania he can host the show.

Harvey and Joe miller come on stage. They are going to be playing Shootmania against each other, but info hasn’t been released on what’s so special about this game.

They are making a pretty big deal about this and not telling us about it. Most of these people are major counter strike players.

Elite mode has been created specifically for Shootmania, it is 1vs3. Once the 1 player gets hit with 2 rockets, he wins, but they have a rail run that destroys in 1 hit. It is supposed to be a fats paced game.

The game looks fun, hopefully it will be free to play, nt sure how big it will get.

Rounds are going very quickly, 2 rounds have passed in about a minute and a half.

I would love to play that game just to see how much fun it is.

Thankfully Toby isn’t taking over.

We’re just watching a video of Ubisoft’s free to play games

Yves Guillemot is the CEO and Co-founder of Ubisoft, and he wants to tell us about the future of the company. He introduced a new IP they have been working on for 2 years.

A very intriguing video is shown, not exactly sure what it is trying to say or if it is for a game.

“One man shut down the entire northeast from a central point”

ctOS is what the video was about, and it is going to be the core concept of a game.

You will be able to see any kind of information you want, anything about anyone. They are going to show a gameplay video, and maybe we can further elaborate.

You can check anyones “Digital Shadow” which hold all of their information.

The character is in a large city,  there still sin’t much information. Seemingly just a dude walking around in a city. He just knocked the power from every ones phones. He is now in a strange looking dark room.

This dude has a QR code as a head.

This is a very exciting video, but is still covered by a cloud of mystery.

This guy can connect to people and collect any kind of information from them. Found out a chick has HIV, might wanna stay away. Todd is on a restraining order.

This mysterious dude has skills too, just beat a dude down.

He can control trains, lights, and pretty much everything else.

This is an incredibly different approach to a video game, and I for one am a fan!

The graphics are fantastic, the car damage and the look of the city are just outstanding, along with the audio.

The mysterious man has found a man Joseph DeMarco who has has been looking for.

The player switched to a new character, and has to track the old player.

The game is called, Watch Dogs, and will no doubt be big.

A very intriguing video game, that will capture the likes on many.

Pictures credited to Arstechnica

That was the end of their conference. I know I Can’t wait for some of those games!


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