Sony E3 Conference Wrap Up

Sony is one of the big three in Gaming, along with Microsoft and Nintendo. They always have one of the most interesting E3 Conferences and we are very excited for it. Here is a Wrap Up of everything that happened In full detail.

Jack Tretton, Playstation CEO takes the stage here at E3.

“This is the super bowl of gaming”

Tretton says that this every word he says will be scrutinized and analyzied, and thanks every one for making it easy on him. :Sarcasm:

He thanks the gamers,  paying tribute to the gamers.

Sony has created one of the most vibrant companies in the history.

Kaz Hirai is introduced, president and CEO of Sony.

The PlayStation world is growing to help be play whenever or where ever.

A new IP by the developer of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream

David Cage from Quantic Dream comes on stage.

Their new project is called, Beyond (Two Souls)

Protagonist Jodie Holmes. Over 15 years of her life are shown in the game

Actress Ellen Page will be the actress for Jodie Holmes

The Demo is about to be shown.

A police officer is interrogating a woman, asks “Do you speak english”. No response.

He is trying to help her, but she isn’t saying anything. Totally unresponsive to all of his questions, of family, friends, or anyone he can contact.

Notices a scar on the back of her head, then a coffee mug shoots across the room.

The graphics looks absolutely stunning.

While the officer is checking the missing person list, SWAT rushes in.

A whole team is rushing the station looking for “her”

Nothing much is happening, silence and then it switches to a totally unrelated video of the SWAT chasing the girl and stuff exploding.

This Girl has to have some kind of super power.

“And if you make the right decisions maybe you will discover what lies beyond.”

There is no release date for Beyond yet.

Tretton comes back on stage.

Claims playstation has some of the most iconic characters in video games.

Brings up a character named Michael, who is loved by the PlayStation universe.

Playstations all-stars Battle Royal

Chan Park is on stage talking about Battle Royal.

It will be cross compatible between PS Vita and the PS3!! Very cool!

They are playing a demo of the games, 4 players vs each other.

It looks and plays exactly like Super Smash Brother.

Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Kratos, and Sweet Tooth.

The Cross Platform Between the Consoles in fantastic, no noticeable lag.

The gameplay is super fast and actually hard to watch. So fast pace and so much going on, and it seems difficult to know who is actually winning at any point in the game. They might need a way to see scoring in game. 2 new characters will be shown here at E3, one of which is of course, Nathan Drake, and the bioshock Mr. Bubbles knows at Big Daddy.

Tretton is back on stage,  capping about cross play of All Stars it also has cross save so you can save on Vita and load on PS3. It will eb available in holiday season this year.

There is going to be an expansion pack for LBP 2 that will make the Vita an extra controller for it.

The DLc will offer new story mode, sitckers, decorations, and objects.

It will help create new possiblities of gaming by being able to use the Vita as an extra controller on the PS3, this is a huge thing in this years E3.

80% of PS3’s and Vita’s are online.

Tretton is now talking about how indie games are very big on the PSN, with games like Journey.

Unfinished Swan is coming out later for PSN only.

There games will be free to download for Playstation plus members.

There is going to be a intanst game collection for $5 a month.

PS1 classics are coming to Vita, Final Fantasy VII, and Tomb Raider

60 new games are coming for Vita this year.

PSN is starting to offer more videp apps soon.

These popular titles  MLBtv, Netflix, Amazon VOD are coming to PS3.

Youtube, Crackle, and Hulu Plus are coming to Vita soon.

Call of Duty is coming to PS3

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is coming to PS Vita. Coming Holiday season.

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation is coming to the Vita, with a new female Protagonist.

It will have touch controls, and will share with PS2 where you can share skins and weapons.

It will be in a bundle with a white Wi-Fi Vita and a 4GB Memory Card.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is going to be coming to the playstation in full force, and creative director  Philip Hutchinson.

The war wasn’t only fought on land but also on sea.

The new weather system creates beautiful vistas, that can change at any moment.

Connor is controlling the ship as it starts to be attacked by British colonials.

The aiming shows the cannonballs fire range.

The ship very closely follows how the waves move and come under it, moving in a very realistic way.

At this point the ship seems to be taking tons of damage from the attackers

The deck is almost torn apart, but the other ships are now down.

It switches from gameplay to a video, and has connor kicking some butt

It is being released October 30th, 2012 in a bundle and recieving exclusive DLC.

Even though we have already seen Far Cry today, we are going to see it again, except with a focus on multiplayer.

They are attacking a bunker of some sort and are trying to clean it out.

It seems that they have to have 3 players attack and one will carry a bomb into the base.

This would be  a fantastic multiplayer game type, a good team based difficult challenge.

There is also a revive feature for those gamers who like to die.

The bomb was placed and the bride was crippled, mission complete.

Tretton is back on stage talking about the Move, which 250 games already feature.

Claims it has the most diverse games.

Games like Epic mickey and Little Big Planet Karting help move to be great.

A wheel type device in the middle, probably for Gran Turismo?

Andrew House, Group CEO of SCE is on stage to talk more Move.

Wonderbook is a new kind of physical book covered in a QR code looking  book that augements pictures and helps you interact deeper in a book

Moonbot studios is working on many of their Wonderbook stories.

They are making Nightcrawler, and new type of Film Noire type of story to the Wonderbook.

J.K. Rowling is going to be publishing a book on Wonderbook called Book of Spells,

Pottermore is coming to the play station that will allow you to use the move as a wand and to learn like a Hogwarts Student.

Picture of the Wonderbook

You use the Wonderbook as an AR and use the Move as a Wand.

You have to learn to use certain spells to learn to do certain things in this game.

Antoher example of the Wonderbook, they are using actual spells and charms from the Harry Potter Series as spells in the game.

This whole wonderbook thing isn’t very serious but it is extremely intriguing.

The game shows the spells you need to mimic on screen to do said spells.

“The book can create a safe environment for us to practice our spells in.”, I guess so you don’t burn down your house practicing the art of spells.

Now young little arsonists can practice fire spells in a safe virtual environment.

I can say that Wonderbook is one of the most different things I have seen.

Playstation Suite will, will be connected with Android to develop more mobile, portable games.

Playstation Suite will be renamed to reflect Mobility of the playstation experience, will be called playstation mobile.

Tretton is back on the stage.

Some of the playstation biggest games:

God of War: Ascension is being introduced,

Todd Pappy from Santa Monica Studios is here to show what the PS3 has to offer.

The video starts with Kratos running on a dock of some sort, while and man gets shot with an arrow.

A herd of angry man, cow, pig guys come in, an guypig cow.

He kills all of them with his sword.

Like a boss of course.

These pigs are now bacon.

Kratos destroys those guys but some green glowing light, or sea monster of sorts.

Nothing very special going on Kratos is destroying stuff, everywhere, tough to actually see the feed is pretty slow.

But some sort of sea beast comes out of the ocean, like a Bull Worm like thing. If only Kratos had spongebob with him.

Now the video clams down and Kratos is scaling a wall.

Now he goes insane and starts to beat the living hell out of everything he sees.

It is very bloody and very awesome.

It is going to be released March 12, 2013!

The Room is totally dark, I am assuming it is The Last of Us, which looks totally awesome. Still not much being shown.

Called it, of course it is the Last of Us,  Joel and Ellie are in a destroyed old cafe, and are not out in a city, that is over grown and empty.

The last of us looks so beautiful, some of the best scenery I’ve seen.

They are now in a torn down overgrown hotel.

guns are shot and Joel is taking some of these guys down.

The graphics are fantastic, the whole environment works and flows incredibly well.

The gun play doesn’t seem like it will be a huge aspect of this game  behind survival.

Bullets seem strong and heavy and a commodity, you will really need to fight for bullets, and use them sparingly.

The demo ends and the guy playing walks off stage without a word said.

Tretton  return to the stage to wrap everything up.

He doesn’t say anything else  and just like that it is over.

Photos From The Verge


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