Microsoft E3 Recap

E3 is a show of the newest stuff in the gaming industry and always has some of the newest stuff to show off. Keep reading for the full recap of Microsoft’s conference at E3

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell is one of the greatest games in the series and the new addition to the series looks like it is going to follow in the steps of the earlier ones. Greatness, it uses Kinect for some voice commands. Coming out Spring 2013.

EA Sports and Madden

EA sports called up football legend Joe Montana to show the power of the Kinect by using it to call audibles, and tell your players to move to block a certain side. It looks totally awesome, and might make me have to buy the new Madden.

Gears of War judgement is the newest Gears game, although much wasn’t shown it is going to be released in 2013.

Forza Horizon announced, is going to bring open world driving, and nighttime driving. Forza is one of my favorite series’ out there and this is going to be an amazing.

Internet Explorer is looking awesome, using a combination of Kinect and your Tablet, and Phone.

Project Glass is going to completely bring everything together and completely tie together all of Microsoft’s products.

Bringing back a legend. Halo was one of the biggest names in all of gaming, and after many years Master Chief is back this Fall.

Project Glass is going to be able to show you information about the show you are currently watching on your TV through Xbox. This will add a whole new dimension to watching TV and movies on Xbox live.

Ascend: New Gods is being developed by the same people who did toy soldiers. It looks pretty epic, not sure if it will be XBLA or full game.

Loco Cycle is a new Tron look a-like. didn’t show much information about gameplay, but did note it is designed for Kinect.

Capcom guys are on stage showing off the highly anticpated game, Resident Evil 6. I haven’t played one before, but might have to pick this one up, looks epic.

Graphics look stunning, can imagine the game will only look better. Looks to be a very exciting and fun game.

Yep, gonna have to pick that up. Will be totally epic.

Wreakateer launching this summer, looks like a angry birds-esque game where you shoot cannon balls to castles to destroy them.

South Park RPG game coming soon, looks amazing and has been really exciting for a while. It carries the same looks and graphics of a south park episode. It is going to try to make you feel like you are going to be playing an episode of south park.

March 5th 2013 is going to be a very fun game. Trey Parker and Matt Stone seemed exciting about the release, and the game play.

Harmonix taking the stage for obviously Dance Central 3.  Dance Central is easily one of the best titles on Kinect and it is great to see a a new one.

Usher on stage showing moves to his new song, that will be in Dance Central 3.

Doesn’t look like anything new is going to be in the game, since I they have’t shown anything other then Usher. Would rather be seeing gameplay.

Showing gameplay now, for Dance Central 3, it looks pretty much exactly like the gameplay from previous iterations of the game. Still exciting.

Wrap up. Oh no, looks like the Blacks ops 2 trailer.

Black Ops 2 looks pretty sweet,  very futuristic Fallout look.

Sweet arm band, reminds me of Ghost Recon.

Gameplay looks very Call of Duty like, obviously not changing from the norm. Hopefully keeping that high FPS we’ve seen in the last couple of CODs.

Definitely very futuristic with a Battlefield 3 like HUD. Should be an exciting new Call of Duty game that we will all end up getting.

Got this sweet sniper picking people off, from a distance. While protecting this guy.

Call of Duty is soaking up time here, but is deserves it it looks very good. And will be something that we have’t seen in a COD yet, which will make it a good reason to buy.

Nice graphics seen in this picture, with the glass damage.

Wonder whats going on, stuff is getting destroyed pretty rapidly. No evidence to the story so far.

Collapsing buildings, not the first time we’ve seen that in a call of duty game.

Player getting in a stealth jet. Hasn’t done much more then shoot a couple of rockets at people. As evidences here:

Dogfights between 2 jets.

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 presentation is over. It was Epic, game wait for most of these games and features!

Photo’s From The Verge


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