EA E3 Conference Wrap Up

Electronics Arts is at E3 and is ready to show off some new games! We are waiting for Games like Dead Space 3, Info on Battlefield, Sim City, and of course the sports games.

Dead Space 3

Isaac and new partner John Carver are shown in an ice setting.

Dead Space is one of the biggest games in EA’s history and is huge. The Video and gameplay looked fantastic.

Clarke and Carver in Dead Space 3.

Graphics have been updated, and the HUD is new and fresh.

Madden 13

Madden 13 started off by showing a sweet intro video by Ray Lewis.

They added new features that will allow players to be tripped up if you hit them in the feet and their legs.

Taunting their new single player mode addon’s that will allow you to play through a career in the NFL.

Michael Irving is on stage explaining how to get from the beginning of a career to the Hall of fame.

Creation of leagues, much like country clubs in Tiger Woods 13.

You must reach goals in each season, to earn XP which will make your players stronger and better.

Buy the upgrade and maybe the rest of the screen will snap into focus.

You can retire characters and move onto new ones.

A new type of story engine, and has a new imaginary twitter feeds that will collect fake tweets from ESPN and such.

You can post accomplishments to Facebook, twitter, and stuff. Will bring Monday to Saturday an importance to the game.


Maxis is up on stage, and talking about Sim City, and ready to annoucne Sim City 4.

But First Sim City social on Facebook! Looks like a version of Sim City 1, but with a new updated UI to match Facebook kinda look, more social.

“Best City Building experience on Facebook”

New Sim City coming to PC, featuring Glass Box.

That smog never looked so smoggy.

Construct able Worlds, Data Visualization, City, Specialization, Multiplayer (Challeneges).

It is the first multiplayer Sim City, you can play with friends or by yourself.

Choices affect your city and the cities around your’s.

Will have challenges to keep the gameplay new.

Battlefield Premium

Peter Moore and Patrick Bach come on the Stage, and talking about Battlefield 3.

Excited about how the boundreies were pushed in the game.

1.6 Billion Bullets have been fired, 50 Million players world wide.

24/7 365 Digital, EA wants to beat Steam.

They are listening to the fans of Battlefield, coming out with Battlefield Premium with new Expansion packs, new Guns, with plenty of new kind of game types.

Want to add 5 new expansion packs, Battlefield Premium. Battlefield 3 premuin launches TODAY for the Price of $49.99 and PS3 players can get a new Add-on close Quarters , Right now!

Battlefield 3 is going Premium.

Star Wars 

Star Wars music started playing.

And They are talking about Star Wars The Old Republic and thanking players for logging on.

They are, just talking about the new innovations in the game.

More PVP war zones, new comapanion characters, enhanced features, level transfers, hardcore mode, and a new planet.

Not much applause following this one.

Another Video is showing the newest features and releases coming out soon.

You can play for free until lvl 15.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Running on Frostbite 2, showing a demo of a level taking place in Somalia.

The character is in the water fighting plenty of AI characters in a torn down City.

There seems to be a Max Payne like Bullet Mode that slows down time allowing you to shoot multiple enemies with precision quickly.

The City gets Destroyed, the collapses were beautifully created and turned the city into rubble.

The player is controlling a mini machine gun and is taking characters down with grenades and bullets.

The demo ends ubruptly.

Another video of multiplayer showed, and it looked fantastic.

EA Sports

Wants to expand the world of Madden to a new FTP game on Facebook.

New skating engine in NHL.

NBA Live will have a big comback this year, they said the game will be changing all of the time.

Fifa is the best example of the animations

Real Heisman winners in NCAA,

FIFA is a global platform, and is Soccer’s social network. EA Sports Football club. A FIFA Football club wil carry from every FIFA game

All xp and levels from Fifa 12 will move to 13.

Can earn Money from everything done in the game, and they will be used to upgrade.

The iOS and android versions will have Futball club.

FIFA 13 has new gameplay innovations, the most of any Fifa game.

Messi is on the cover.

Features will change the way players will control the ball.

You will have to think further ahead of the game to make it even more in depth.

Showing world premier video of FIFA 13.

New dynamic dribbling is really a big change to gameplay.

EA Sports UFC

Dana White comes up on stage, is President of UFC.

Multi year, Multi product deal with EA and UFC.

UFC is fastest growing sport in the World.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Cars are racing around in the streets, showing some beautiful Porsches, and Aston Martins. Ford trucks seem to be a big deal.

2010, Criterion but Ned for Speed back on the map.

Open World driving game, players race, chase  and explore to be the most wanted racer out of their friends.

Yellow ones go faster.

Auto Log is a new fearute that makes everything a competition, speed points help you become the most wanted.

Earn Speed points by beating your friends.

City driving looks fantastic and beautiful.

Need for Speed Most Wanted!

Auto Log keeps poping up, literally showing all kinds of stats and challeneges.

Car models look fantastic.

Crysis 3

Crytek takes the stage.

Want to make a great combination of graphics and gameplay

New maps that were made to help us, the players, play them more the way we want to.

Gameplay video is up, the graphics look fantastic.

Gameplay and HUD look just like old Crysis games

Player took down an incredibly big helicopter with a bow and arrow.

This game looks like a winner!

Releases February 2013, it looks like a winner.

A shot of the urban rainforest in Crysis 3.

All photos from Gamespot live blog

Check back later for the Ubisoft Wrap up will be released 4:05 PST


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