iHome iB40 Review

iHome has always been well known for their low cost quality products. The iB40 are their over the ear headphones. You can find these online for under $20. That is a great price for what these headphones contain.      They are made out of either black or white plastic with a little bit a red or black highlights. The wire is plenty long with a built in volume wheel which I came come to use on a daily basis to fine tune my audio volume. These headphones can get plenty loud but they still let in a fair about of background noise. Note to buyers. If you want to get this for a plane ride you might not want to because these still let in s fair amount on sound. Sadly there is no built-in mic. The part that I love the most is how light they are. I can wear them for hours and I barely notice them. Unlike some other headphone that are heavy and create ear strain you have not of that on the iB40s. The plastic is what make them feel so light. They do not look amazing nor ugly but they feel a little cheep but still hold up fine.

Review conclusion: Live Live Loud

The iHome iB40 is amazingly prices and if you on a budget but want some quality these are for you. I would have liked to have seen a mic and maybe a fold/compact ability which is what lost it my 3 points.

Elite Rating: 7/10

-Quality of sound
-Nicely Padded

-Quality of product
-Not that compact


What are your thoughts?

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