Kickstarter Spotlight: LIL KIKR

The LIL KIKR  is a double function device for your iOS devices, it serves as a charging dock, but also a speaker. With the speaker pushing out 10db, it will be perfect as an alarm in the morning, while it is charging. It also amplifies the microphone input, allowing you to use it easier with it in the dock and just being able to walk around it.

The makers claim that it is incredibly stable and will not move easily, which is one of the biggest worries about dock like these. I have my worries, it is always difficult to tell until you get a chance to try it out yourself. But the design really shows that it has a huge possibility to live up to this hype. The base is made of an Aircraft grade aluminium and the stands are stainless steel. The stands are wrapped in a non slip rubber cap, which is also places on the bottom of the base for even  more support.

There are many donation types available, but for $50 you can get a LIL KIKR when it goes into production, in any color they make, silver, black, or red.

Check to see if your device will work!

The LIL KIKR is a beautifully crafted product that might be the best of it’s kind. If it is as stable as the creators it should be looked at for it’s price to be bought.

If you want to back this project and get a LIL KIKR for yourself check out there Kickstarter: LIL KIKR


What are your thoughts?

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