The House of Marley Positive Vibrations Review

All celebrities are coming out with their line of headphones. A new brand that came out from this craze is The House of Marley. Many of these celebrities are using bling and glamour to catch the eyes of prospective buyers. This is not what The House of Marley is doing. The House of Marley is more concerned with honoring the ideals of the music which the headphones represent. The House of Marley line focuses on quality products while being environmentally friendly. Almost all of the materials used in this product and its packaging are either recycled or recyclable. These headphones boast about Bob Marley in many ways. I feel that Bob Marley would have been proud at what The House of Marley has done.

External: Looks and Fit

The first thing that I noticed is the Rasta color. The Rasta colored fabric cable resonate a utilitarianism view along with paying reverence to the world-loved music masterpiece. There are two versions of the Positive Vibrations headphones available. Both have a Rasta colored fabric cord with one having a built-in three button microphone and the other not with a price of $59.99 and $79.99 respectively. The circular ear-cups are recycled  aluminum and rest gently on your ears. They are covered by a plush faux leather. The cups do not rotate but they fold to help with storage in the provided bag. The cable is about 5 feet long with a right angle 3.5mm plug.

Internal: Sound

The headphone have a sweet and punchy sound to it. Definitely A+ quality. There is a focus to bass in the headphones. However, treble roll-off can sometimes detract from the clarity of sound and I feel that the clarity is affected here slightly. Yet at the price point, the Positive Vibration is an overall success for sure. If you listen you listen to any of Bob Marley music you can see that these are made for them with the deep Jamaican vibe and the snare to them. These are much better than almost any other headphones due to the low-cost.

Conclusion: Go Buy One

The House Of Marley Positive Vibrations are a must buy. There looks are enough to make it worth the buy. I am glad to be able to review them.

Find them here 

Elite Rating: 9/10

-Quality of product
-Quality of sound

-Pressure that is pressed on your ears



3 thoughts on “The House of Marley Positive Vibrations Review

  1. Great review man! I think that pressure on the ears is really very important when it comes to headphones, because then it gets tough to wear them for long

    • It is one of the main reasons I don’t wear glasses at all, because It hurts to wear headphones and them at the same time.

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