Smartphone Sync…Yes, and Google [Review]


Google has been a huge part of our world. One thing that Google has never done is create a software for desktop syncing. Apple has iTunes, and Microsoft has Zune. Not many people have cared but then the people who care, care a lot. Google has been based with backups in the cloud. One problem with their service is it is not ad friendly for music and applications. That is where Moborobo comes into play. Moborobo does all of you app, contacts and other backup also. Moborobo is not limited just to Google. It works with almost all smart phones. I use this now to transfer data to my tablet. An amazing feature is that you do not need to be connected with a cord. You can use WiFi to connect and sync. Installing is brain-dead. Moborobo also contains features for you power users also.

Grab it here

 Elite Rating: 10/10

-Cross platform usage



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