Spotify grows from Facebook to the whole Internet

Spotify is becoming one of the biggest applications on the internet. It is a powerhouse music streaming service that hosts 3 million users in the US alone with about 600,000 monthly paying members. Up until now Spotify has mostly held it’s ground on Facebook where you could click on a song in Facebook and play through it. Spotify has released a stand alone widget for uses on blogs and websites.

If you have Spotify downloaded on your computer you will be able to click on the Widget which will open up a mini Spotify and play they songs for you, but why am I telling you this when I can just show you it, here is an example of a House/Trance playlist I made up:

As you can see, it is pretty simple and a neat new feature! Directions can be found on Spotify’s Developer Site. Start using it on your site and start sharing music with everyone!


(Edit) Seems like it isn’t Cooperating and you must click on the link to get to the playlist, I’m not really sure why, but I’ll try and figure it out for you guys!


Source: CBS News


2 thoughts on “Spotify grows from Facebook to the whole Internet

  1. “Spotify grows from Facebook to the whole Internet”

    No it doesn’t, it still requires a Facebook account to sign up.

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