Baconit: App Review

Redditors have a difficult time pulling themselves away from their PC and scrolling Reddit. The invention of the smartphone allowed us to take Reddit everywhere we go. But now we expect to have fantastic apps help us, and the best Reddit app by far for WP7 is Baconit by Quinn Damerell.
Baconit is a Redditors dream, you can post new links, comments on links, upvote, downvote. You can also search through your subscribed sub-reddits. If you up vote a link in Baconit it shows it on your computer, so you know that you have already viewed the link.

Quinn has added the ability to look at your own profile and the links/comments you have posted, also a fancy countdown to your Cake Day! But maybe my favorite feature is the screen lock, which is fantastic if you are laying in bed trying to scroll /adviceanimals, the images are not rotating in a crazy way.
The app is beautifully designed following the sleek and stylish Metro design of Windows Phone. The Live Tile shows full images from sub reddits, and shows your karma and unread messages.

Quinn did a fantastic job making this app, and deserves all the respect and downloads in the world. It will be my go to and pinned Reddit app for as long as I can think.

Elite Rating: 10/10

-Fantastic Design
-Great use of Live Tile
-Great connection with Reddit account

Click Here to Download

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