Wordament Review

Arguably one of the best and most popular games available on Windows Phone is Wordament. It is a straightforward game, that has a 4×4 board that you have 90 seconds to find as man words as you can.

Unlike many other games like it, Wordament is “You vs the Internet” (Wordaments Motto) where you are playing against everyone, on the same board at the same time. There are no power ups, you can’t pay for extra features that would give you an advantage, it is a completely even field. After the game, Wordament then teases you with the list of all the words you missed, and how many points they were worth.

You can also mark your fellow Wordamentors as “Frenemies” and they highlight their scores on the leaderboards and compare your scores and stats for bragging rights.

       Overall, Wordament is not only the greatest social game I have played on WP7, but maybe even on any platform, it has taken hours from me, and constantly keeps me coming back for more. It’s very simple to play and everyone can pick up and play. If you for some reason don’t have this game yet, click this link to go to the Wordaments site and download it!

Elite Score: 10/10

Price: Free

Marketplace Rating Average: 4.5/5 (4900 Reviews)


What are your thoughts?

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